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The Crucial Role of Fire Hose Reel Maintenance in Ensuring Workplace Safety

Fire Hose Reel

As a responsible Fire Installation and Maintenance provider, we understand the paramount importance of Fire Safety in any workplace. One of the often overlooked but indispensable components of Fire Safety is the maintenance of Fire Hose Reels. These unassuming devices can make all the difference when it comes to preventing extensive property damage, safeguarding lives, and maintaining the continuity of your business operations.

1. Rapid Response Saves the Day:

Imagine a scenario where a minor fire breaks out in your workplace. It could be an ignition of recycle bins, carpeting or furniture due to embers, or any other unforeseen event. This is where properly maintained Fire Hose Reels shine. Statistics indicate that fire hose reels can reduce the time it takes to suppress a fire by up to a staggering 90% compared to using portable Fire Extinguishers. The swiftness of response can be the key to containing the fire before it escalates into a catastrophic event.

2. Minimising Property Losses:

In the unfortunate event of a fire, property damage is a significant concern. The average cost, of fires in non-residential buildings resulted in an average property loss of over $100,000 per fire. However, businesses that have maintained and functional fire hose reels significantly reduce this potential loss. The investment in proper maintenance pales in comparison to the financial ramifications of inadequate Fire Equipment.

3. Ensuring Employee Safety:

Prioritising Fire Safety doesn’t just save property; it saves lives too. Studies have shown that businesses that put Fire Safety first experience a 60% reduction in injuries and a remarkable 70% reduction in fire-related fatalities. Regular maintenance of fire hose reels is a critical aspect of this approach. By providing employees with the tools to respond swiftly to a fire emergency, you create a safer work environment for everyone.


4. Protecting Your Business’s Future:

Did you know that up to 25% of small businesses never reopen after a fire due to financial difficulties? This statistic underscores the importance of Fire Safety and preparedness. Maintaining your Fire Hose Reels not only reduces the risk of business closure due to fire damage but also contributes to lower insurance premiums. The peace of mind that comes with being well-prepared is invaluable.

Fire Hose Reel

Additional Fire Safety Tips

  • Prior to attempting to extinguish a Fire, make certain that the water supply is activated, as there is a stopcock valve located at the base of the reel. 
  • If feasible, having two individuals manage the unwinding of the hose reel can enhance effectiveness: one person handling the nozzle and the other person responsible for managing the hose’s length.
  • Ensure that the water is aimed at the base of the Fire, rather than the top of the flames, at all times.
  • In a Hase the fire escalates beyond control, prioritise evacuation. Fire Hose Reels are designed to combat fires during their initial stages, not when they have become uncontrollable.

In the realm of Fire Safety, every measure matters. Fire Hose Reel maintenance is not just a routine chore; it’s an investment in the Safety and well-being of your workplace, your employees, and your business’s future.

At Fire Systems Queensland, we are committed to assisting you in every step of this journey. Remember, by maintaining your Fire Hose Reels, you’re not just protecting property; you’re protecting lives and ensuring a safer, more secure environment for everyone.

Stay tuned for more valuable insights on Fire Safety, Installation and Maintenance, brought to you by Fire Systems Queensland. Your safety is our priority. 

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