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Supporting Our Community Partnerships

At Fire Systems Queensland, our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional fire safety solutions. We believe in giving back, nurturing, and contributing to our local communities. Every partnership we undertake is a testament to this commitment. By aligning ourselves with commendable initiatives and organisations, we aim to make a broader positive impact, touching lives beyond our direct services.

The partnerships we proudly support mirror our values of community engagement, inclusivity, and safety. From helping those with disabilities find employment opportunities, to ensuring children in care have a memorable Christmas, to promoting safety on the waters and championing the importance of women in sport, our community outreach is varied but singular in its goal: to build a stronger, safer, and more inclusive Queensland.

Below, you’ll find more about the wonderful organizations and causes we support, and the difference they’re making in our community.


Official Positional Partner of the Gold Coast Titans NRLW Team

As an Official Positional Partner of the Gold Coast Titans NRLW Team, our partnership underscores our unwavering commitment not just to community engagement, but also to the promotion and support of women in sport. In a world where women’s sports often play second fiddle, it’s crucial to recognise and champion the incredible talent and passion displayed by these athletes. By aligning with the Gold Coast Titans NRLW Team, we hope to further amplify the importance of women in sport, showcasing their dedication, skill, and resilience. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a testament to our belief in equal representation, opportunity, and the magic that happens when community and sport come together.


10 Cent Tom

10 cent Tom is a Charity that was created to engage people with disabilities into the Community to aid reduction of litter by collecting cans and bottles in exchange for Containers for Change. People with disabilities experience various barriers to employment, such as discrimination in the workplace, stigma, prejudice, and stereotypes. However, when people with disabilities have, and can take advantage of, opportunities to participate in the workforce, they make valuable contributions towards economic development, social capital, and wider society. Tom and his team provide a free drop-off and pick up collection service for businesses throughout the Gold Coast.

For Kids in Care

For Kids in Care is a bespoke Charity that buys Christmas presents for kids under the protection of The Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women, and Children who are classed as ‘Resi kids’ (Residential Care in the community). Some kids have multiple disabilities combined with trauma, high risk activities, drugs, crime and disengagement from school. Foster carers cannot manage all of this, especially managing their own family and if they are not skilled enough to properly help these children. Each child receives a gift bag filled with gifts. The amazing team of volunteers then individually pack the child’s gift bag to open Christmas morning.


Volunteer Marine Rescue

For the Mackay boating public, VMR448 is your answer to on-water help. This group of dedicated volunteers are on call 24/7 to assist in all maritime situations. From everyday breakdowns to retrieving seriously ill patients from cruise ships and bulk carriers and working in conjunction with the Water Police conducting search and rescue missions for missing vessels and crew, VMR448 conduct over one hundred “activations” a year.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Ensuring prompt assistance in case of any emergencies.

Our Service Department is available 24/7 to ensure prompt assistance in a variety of emergencies, including fire alarm malfunctions, sprinkler system issues, or equipment breakdowns. Our team of experts delivers exceptional customer service, and is dedicated to supporting our clients around the clock. Trust in our round-the-clock support for peace of mind.

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